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Cefuroxime Axetil

Second Generation Oral Cephalosporin Antibiotic

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Product Detail


Basic Information

Chemical Formula: C20H22N4O10S

Molecular Weight: 510.474

Cas Number: 64544-07-6

Einecs No.: 259-560-1

Cefuroxime Axetil Physical and Chemical Properties

Melting Point: 175-180 Degrees C


Refractive Index: 1.665

Appearance: White to Pale Yellow Powder

Solubility: Soluble in Dioxychane, More Soluble in Methanol, Slightly Soluble in Ethanol, Slightly Soluble in Ether, Several Insoluble in Water.

Cefuroxime Axetil Pharmacokinary Dynamics

The lipid is highly soluble, good oral absorption, absorption quickly in the intestinal mucosa and the valve circulation of non-specific esterase hydrolysis as Cefuroxime Axeti, distributed to the whole body of extracellular fluid; after meals orally take the product 250mg and 500mg after the blood drug peak concentration(c).Maxarrives in 2.5 to 3 hours, 4.1mg/l and 7.0mg/l, respectively. Food promotes absorption of the product, with absolute bioavailability of 37% on an empty stomach and 52% on oral after meals, respectively. Drinking milk can increase the area value (auc value) under the current curve of the drug. The increase was more pronounced in the children's group than in the adult group. The blood of the product eliminates half-life(t).1/2for 1.2 to 1.6 hours, slightly longer than Cefuroxime Axeti, Cefuroxime Axeti and Cefuroxime Axeti, t in neonatal and renal dysfunction patients1/2serum t in elderly (average age 84 years).1/2 can be extended to about 3.5 hours. After 500mg of the product was taken on an empty stomach and after meals, the amount excreted in urine in 24 hours was 32% and 48%, respectively. Hemodialysis can reduce the concentration of blood drugs in this product.

Cefuroxime Axeti Pharmacological Toxicology

Cefuroxime Axeti are acetylacetates of cephalosporasin. After hydrolysis in the body released Cefuroxime Axeti and play its antibacterial activity, the action mechanism of the product, antibacterial spectrum and antibacterial action are the same as Cefuroxime Axeti. Compared with other oral Cefuroxime Axeti, the product has no weak effect on gram-positive bacteria including pneumococcal bacteria, group a (hemolytic) streptococcus and gin, while it has a better effect on gram-negative bacteria such as gonorrhoea, influenza bacteria, catamora bacteria and e. Coli than cephalospora. Cefuroxime Axeti are second-generation Cefuroxime Axeti antibiotics. After oral absorption by the gastrointestinal tract, rapid hydrolysis under the action of esterase for Cefuroxime Axeti and play an antibacterial role. The activity of gram-positive coliforms is similar or slightly less than that of the first generation of Cefuroxime Axeti, but the β endamide enzyme produced by staphylococcus and gram-negative bacteria appears to be quite stable. In addition to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus, enterococci and listeria genus, other positive bacteria (including anaerobic bacteria) are sensitive to the product. The antibacterial activity of staphylococcus aureus is worse than that of cephalospora, and the product of 1 to 2 mg/l can inhibit all staphylococcus aureus that is sensitive and resistant to penicillin, respectively.
haemophilus influenzae has strong antibacterial activity, e. Coli, singular deformation bacteria, etc. Are sensitive to this product; the mechanism of action of this product is to inhibit the synthesis of bacterial cell walls. The product is thin film clothing, remove the coating after the appearance of white.

Cefuroxime Axeti Adapt to the Disease

This product is suitable for hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus (except methicillin-resistant strains) and e.Phedrine, e. Coli, pneumococcal creber bacteria, singular deformation bacteria and other sensitive strains of e. Coli bacteria caused by adult acute pharyngitis or tonsillitis, acute otitis media, sinusitis of the upper jaw, acute onset of chronic bronchitis, acute bronchitis, simple urinary tract infection, skin soft tissue infection and no complications of gonorrhea neisseria urethritis and cervicitis. Children with pharyngitis or tonsillitis, acute otitis media and pustules.

Cefuroxime Axeti Usage Usage

Take orally. Adults generally 0.5g a day; patients with lower respiratory tract infections: 1g per day; patients with simple lower urinary tract infections: 0.25g per day. Take it 2 times. The dose of simple gonorrhoea urethritis is 1g. Children aged 5 to 12 years old acute pharyngitis or acute tonsillitis: according to weight 20 mg/kg per day, divided into 2 times, not more than 0.5 g per day.

Cefuroxime Axeti Adverse Reactions

The product is generally well tolerated, and common adverse reactions are gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stooling. Occasional pseudo-membrane enteritis. Children are not welcome because of the bitter taste after the tablet bite. Not for children under 5 years of age.
1. common diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal reactions.
2. rare rash, drug fever and other allergic reactions.
3. occasionally see pseudo-membrane enteritis, acidophils increase, hemoglobin elevation, hemoglobin reduction, renal function changes, coombs test positive and one-sex liver enzyme elevation.


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Cefuroxime Axetil
Cefuroxime Axetil Powder APIs 20kg/drum

Cefuroxime axetil Antibiotics APIs Powder

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