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Fat Emulsion Injection

Fat milk injection, this product is white emulsion liquid energy supplement medicine.
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Product Detail

This Fat Emulsion Injection is one of the components of intravenous nutrition, fatty milk body to provide energy and essential fatty acids, for gastrointestinal nutrition to replenish energy and essential fatty acids, prevention and treatment of essential fatty acid deficiency, but also through oral routes can not maintain and restore normal essential fatty acid levels of patients to provide essential fatty acids. Shock and severe lipid metabolic disorders (e.G. Hyperlipidemia) are disabled in patients with thrombosis.


Energy supplements. This product is one of the components of intravenous nutrition, to provide the body with energy and essential fatty acids, for gastrointestinal nutrition to replenish energy and essential fatty acids, to prevent and treat essential fatty acid deficiency in the human body, but also to provide essential fatty acids for patients who cannot maintain and restore normal essential fatty acid levels by oral means. 30% fat emulsions are more suitable for patients with limited infusions and high energy demand. Lecithin can assist in the treatment of atherosclerosis, fatty liver, as well as eczema in children, neurodegenerative disease. Antioxidants for solvents, emulsifiers and greases in pharmaceutical supplements.


Active ingredient: this product is a compound preparation, by injection of soybean oil by injection lecithin emulsification and injection with glycerin to make sterilized milky liquid.

Usage Usage

Adults: intravenous drip, the maximum recommended daily dose is 3g (triglycerides)/kg, measured in fat. This product provides 70% of the total energy. 10%, 20% fat emulsion 500 ml infusion time of not less than 5 hours; 30% fat emulsion 250 ml infusion time is not less than 4 hours. Newborns and infants: 10%, 20% fat emulsion daily dose of 0.5 to 4g (triglycerides) / kg, infusion speed of no more than 0.17g / ( kg hours). The maximum daily dosage should not exceed 4g/kg. Infusion doses can be gradually increased to 4g/kg per day only if indicators such as serum triglycerides, liver function and oxygen saturation are closely monitored. Premature babies and low-weight newborns, preferably 24 hours of continuous infusion, starting with a daily dose of 0.5 to 1g/kg, gradually increasing to 2g/kg per day. Essential fatty acid deficiency: to prevent and treat essential fatty acid deficiency (efad), at least 4% to 8% of the energy in non-protein heat cards should be provided by fat emulsion injections to supply sufficient amounts of linoleic acid and linoleic acid. When efad combines stress, the amount of fat emulsions needed to treat efad should also be increased accordingly. Usage: this product can be individually infused or used to make a "all-in-one" nutritional mixture containing glucose, fat, amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements. Other medicines may only be added to this product if their suitability is guaranteed. This product can also be mixed with glucose injections or amino acid injections and fed into the body after mixing through y-pipes. The act applies to both central veins and peripheral veins. Under sterile operating conditions, the following drugs may be added to this product. 1. Vitaripit (adult)/vitalipit (child) 2. Water levita (see water levita manual for details on the preparation method).


Adverse Reactions

Can cause body temperature to rise, occasionally cold and cold, as well as nausea, vomiting. Other side effects are rare, including: 1. Immediate and early side effects: hyper allergic reactions (allergic reactions, rashes, urticaria), respiratory effects (e.G. Shortness of breath) and circulatory effects (e.G. Hypertension / low blood pressure). Hemolysis, mesh red blood cell growth, abdominal pain, headache, tiredness, abnormal erection of the penis, etc. 2. Late side effects: long-term infusion of this product, infants may occur platelet reduction. In addition, long-term intravenous nutrition, even if not used this product will have a short-term liver function indicators of abnormalities. Occasional venous inflammation, vascular pain and bleeding tendencies can occur. 3. When the patient's fat clearance ability is reduced, although the infusion speed is normal, it may still lead to fat overload syndrome. Fat overload syndrome can occasionally occur in patients with renal dysfunction and infection. Fat overload syndrome manifests itself as: hyperlipidemia, fever, fat immersion, organ dysfunction, etc., But generally as long as the cessation of infusion, the above symptoms can subside.


Shock and severe lipid metabolic disorders (e.G. Hyperlipidemia) are disabled in patients with thrombosis.


this product is used sparingly in patients with reduced fat metabolic function, such as liver and kidney insanity, diabetic ketosis, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism (accompanied by hyperlipidemia) and sepsis patients with caution. These patients should closely observe the concentration of serum triglycerides when infusion of this product, continuous use for more than one week, should check the patient's fat clearance ability. People who are allergic to soy protein should use this product with caution and must do an allergy test before use. Newborns and immature children with hypercholineemia or suspected pulmonary hypertension should use this product with caution. Newborns, especially immature children, must monitor platelet count, liver function tests and serum triglyceride concentrations for long-term use. When collecting blood, if the product has not been completely removed from the blood stream, it will interfere with other laboratory testing projects (e.G. Bilirubin, lactic acid dehydrogenase, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, etc.). The vast majority of patients can be completely cleared 5 to 6 hours after infusion of this product. Pregnant women: there have been reports that the use of 10 per cent and 20 per cent fat emulsions by pregnant women is safe and successful. Theoretically, 30 percent, like 10 percent and 20 percent fat emulsions, can be used in pregnant women, but there is no evidence of animal reproduction research. Infants and children: this is not recommended for infants and children due to the lack of 30% fat emulsions for infant and child experience. Fat profile tests must be done for more than one week with this product. The specific operation is as follows: blood samples taken before infusion, centrifugation, if the plasma is milky, then the original infusion plan should be postponed (this method does not apply to patients with hyperlipidemia); when the patient's fat clearance ability is found to be reduced, it is best to check the serum triglycerides again. For infants and children, the most reliable way to monitor fat profile ability is to regularly measure serum triglyceride levels.


Pharmacological Toxicology

Physiological and nutritional studies have shown that the body's intake of fat is first absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract to form celiac particles, and the form and composition of the product are very similar to celiac, directly to patients who can not eat intravenous infusion, can provide fat nutrition.

Pharmacological Effects

some unsaturated fatty acids, the body itself can not be synthesized, need to be ingested from vegetable oil, is an indispensable nutrient of the body, so called essential fatty acids, but also prostatin, thrombosis and white triene and other physiologically active substances precursors. Fatty acids are the main energy materials of the human body, fatty acids oxygenation is an important source of energy in the body. In the case of adequate oxygen supply, fatty acids can be broken down into co2 and h2o in the body and release a large amount of energy, in the form of atp for the body to use. In addition to brain tissue, most tissues oxidize fatty acids, especially the liver and muscles that are most active. Phospholipids are the basic skeletons that make up the lipid double layer of cell biofilms (cell membranes, nuclear membranes, mitochondrial membranes), or are the main components of various lipoproteins, involved in the transport of fat and cholesterol. Phospholipids in the plasma is too low, then the cholesterol/lecithin ratio increases, prone to cholesterol deposition and causes atherosclerosis, so phospholipids have the effect of anti-hypercholesterolemia. In addition, phospholipids in bile form gums along with bile salts and cholesterol, which facilitates the dissolution and excretion of cholesterol. Phospholipids are widely distributed in nature, and the plants are rich in soybeans and other seeds, and the highest levels of nerve tissue are found in animals. This product is a sterilized fat emulsion for intravenous infusion, containing injectable soy oil and injectable lecithin, of which about 60% of fatty acids are essential fatty acids. The particle size and biological characteristics of this product are similar to natural celiac particles.

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