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This product is used for inducing labor, oxytocin, postpartum and abortion due to weak or poor contraction of uterine bleeding;Understand placental reserve function (oxytocin stimulation test).

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Product Detail

Oxytocin is also called oxytocin, uterine contractions is a kind of medicine, can be extracted from animal posterior pituitary or chemical synthesis, chemical synthesis including vasopressin, no booster effect, of uterine smooth muscle in selective excitation, strengthen its contraction, uterus in labor's most sensitive to oxytocin (estrogen secretion increase), immature uterus this product without the reactivity,  The reaction of the uterus to oxytocin is low in early or middle gestation, and gradually increases in late gestation, reaching the highest before labor.  A small dose can strengthen the rhythmic contraction of the smooth muscle at the bottom of the uterus, strengthening its contractile force and accelerating its contractile frequency. The contractile property is similar to that of natural delivery and maintains polarity and symmetry, so it is clinically used for oxytocin and labor induction.  The large dose of uterine muscle showed tonic contraction, clinically used to oppress muscle fiber blood vessels, prevent and cure postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum rejuvenation incomplete, and promote lactation, so that the breast duct contraction, promote milk from the breast, but can not increase the amount of milk secretion, can only promote milk.  It should be noted that the dose and dripping speed should be strictly controlled when used for oxytocin or labor induction, so as not to cause tonic uterine contraction, resulting in fetal asphyxia death or uterine rupture.  When there is no Chemicalbook, abnormal fetal position or other birth canal, adverse uterine contraction, cesarean section history and more than 3 times of women are prohibited.  The preparation of oxytocin isolated from the pituitary of cattle and pigs occasionally causes anaphylaxis, and rapid intravenous drip can cause mild vasodilation and decreased blood pressure.  The fastest drop rate should not exceed 40 ~ 60 drops per minute.  A slightly higher dose is also used for postpartum bleeding, abortion, etc.  In recent years, it has been found that this product has a good effect on pulmonary hemoptysis and gastrointestinal function atonia after vagus nerve resection or abdominal surgery.  Oral ineffective, easy to be destroyed by digestive fluid, but can be absorbed by oral mucosa, intravenous infusion of 0.01IU in 1 ~ 3 minutes can cause physiological contraction of the uterus (rhythmicity, polarity, symmetry), keep the time is short, half life only 2.5 ~ 3 minutes of large dose of uterine muscle showed tonic contraction.  It has a synergistic effect with prostaglandins.  Uterine hormone is often used with ergot preparation, the treatment of postpartum bleeding;  Inevitable abortion;  It is mainly used for late pregnancy induced labor and hysteresis caused by uterine contraction weakness during labor;  Used for oxytocin sensitivity test;  Used for oxytocin provocation test;  Assist postpartum milk discharge;  Haemoptysis.  Postoperative gastrointestinal peristalsis was sluggish.

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